moriki - Sushi Restaurant in Frankfurt and Baden-Baden

moriki Frankfurt & Baden-Baden


moriki stands for mastery and craftsmanship. creative, balanced and to the point. an attention to detail, striking a perfect balance between modernity and tradition.

Sushi moriki Restaurant Frankfurt
moriki Baden
Sushi Köche moriki Restaurant Frankfurt
Sushi moriki Restaurant Frankfurt

sake & wine

sake stands for festive togetherness. following moriki's holistic concept, the sake selection brings the delicate complexity of japanese culture closer. moriki's handpicked sake and wine menu is all about the harmony and richness of pan-asian cuisine.

Wein moriki Restaurant Frankfurt
Sake moriki Restaurant Frankfurt
moriki Restaurant Baden-Baden

the duc ngo

creative chef

the mastermind with a love of detail. the duc ngo has created a unique culinary experience with moriki. a fusion of passion, creativity and authenticity that attracts guests from around the world.

The Duc Ngo moriki